Welcome and my stay at fat camp

IMG_1351Welcome to my first post. As I am between roles at the moment I have taken a short fitness vacation at TEAM Bootcamp. You can get more details about the Fat Camp later in this post, but I wanted to welcome you to my blog. Here I would like to explain a little more about me, what I love to do and why I am writing this blog. I graduated from university with a degree in web design and development. I am the proverbial good looking geek girl, I love computers and I love tech… all things tech! Its not my only love n life though. I enjoy eating healthy and keeping fit. Its a must for every techie out there because we sit behind the screen for such long periods in time.

Boot camp
IMG_1312So I decided to ‘enlist’ on a military style boot camp. I chose TEAM Boot camp as they had a very modern approach to training and eating and had by far the most testimonials and videos on YouTube. It turned out to be the right choice… Many of my boot camp buddies here have tried other camps and they say this is head and shoulders above the rest. Well picked Leslie!

Our days are split with the majority of hard work being done in the mornings. The afternoons are used for nutrition workshops and meditation and for draining the energy tank completely. Its hard graft, really hard graft but I feel great already. I have been here 3 days now and my clothes already feel looser and I am sleeping better than I have ever slept. After the training days comes ‘Active Recovery days’ designed to allow your body time to rest repair and recover. The training day, recovery day split is one factor that really sets TEAM Bootcamp apart and although many people (me included) were dubious at first it really is the smart way to train and lose weight.

Another aspect of TEAM Bootcamp that is unique is their very basic but super effective assault course. I really felt like GI Jane as I scaled the hurdles and vaulted the walls. I didn’t care much for the scramble net, but i certainly wasn’t missing it out… not with Ali and Bear (our great trainers) barking at us the whole time.


Ok, so I have finally reached the end of my Boot camp stay and I can tell you that I lost 10 lbs during my 6 day stay! I feel amazing and I am buzzing with confidence and renewed vigor. I definitely got more from this experience than just shedding a few pounds quickly. Would I recommend it? Yes I very much would.

As a coder I know that the right system is imperative for the success of any venture and TEAM definitely have a very smart and tried and tested system for success. I have a few aches and pains and even a few bruises from that flaming assault course, but they fade to insignificance when compared to how positive I look and feel.

Leslie-ProfileI have booked myself in again and will be returning!

I really hoped you enjoyed the first of my blogs and please remember to leave a comment or share this if you feel it may benefit others.


Leslie x

Great service, but sweet smelling functionality.

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Sally Said the flowers were beautiful and I got huge brownie points for remembering. This short video explains the whole seamless process.

Not sure you do have friends and relatives in Mauritius, but if you do you can check out the website or find out more on Facebook here – Flowers in Mauritius